British Sovereigns – BU Kings – Ten (10) Pieces

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British Sovereigns – BU Kings – Ten (10) Pieces


British Sovereigns – BU Kings – Ten (10) pieces
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Product Description

British Sovereigns – BU Kings – Ten (10) pieces

The British Gold Sovereign is a 22 karat gold coin of the realm of the United Kingdom. About the size of a U.S. nickel, with a gold content of nearly a quarter of an ounce (.2354 troy ounces), the “Sov” is one of the most popular, and widely distributed, gold coins in history. First issued in 1489, the modern coin known as the British Gold Sovereign was first minted in 1817. With a nominal value of one pound sterling, the sovereign was a fully circulating coin within Britain’s Gold Standard currency as recently as 1932. Today, it holds the distinction of being the only pre-1933 coin to carry over to the modern era.

These beautiful, and historical, gold coins have portrayed the reigning monarch on the obverse and Benedetto Pistrucci’s design of St. George slaying the Dragon on the reverse. The gold content was fixed at .23542 troy ounces by the coin act of 1816 and, other than minute changes to accommodate the metric system, the weight has remained constant to the present day. As a coin produced by a sovereign country, the British Gold Sovereign’s weight and content are guaranteed.

Over its long history, Sovs have been minted in Australia (Perth, Sydney and Melbourne), Ottawa Canada, Bombay, India and Pretoria in South Africa. Today’s coins are minted at the Royal Mint in Wales, and near Delhi, India.

British Gold Sovereign Specifications
Year: 1817-1932, 1957 to present
Mint Marks:
M (Melbourne, Australia 1872-1931)
S (Sydney, Australia 1855-1926)
P (Perth, Australia 1899-1931)
I (for Bombay, India 1918, Delhi, India 2013-present)
C (for Ottawa, Canada 1908-1919)
SA (for Pretoria, South Africa 1923-1932
Denomination: One Sovereign
Manufacturer: British Royal Mint
Gold Content: .2354 troy oz
Purity: .9167 (22 karat)
Thickness: 1.52 mm
Diameter: 22.1 mm

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Weight 2.354 oz