Silver RCM Birds of Prey

Launched in February 2014 by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Birds of Prey series consists of four 99.99% pure, one ounce, silver bullion coins to be issued over a two year period. Like their predecessors, the Wildlife Series, each Silver Birds of Prey coin has a strictly limited mintage of 1 million coins, adding a collectible component to the silver bullion value. The first coin of the Wildlife Series, the Wolf, for example, currently retails for well more than double the price of the silver alone.

The first coin of the Birds of Prey series, featuring the Peregrine Falcon, was an immediate hit with investors and collectors alike. In August of 2014, the second coin to be released dramatically portrays the majestic Bald Eagle, the iconic ruler of North American skies. Coin #3, issued in February 2015, features the Red-Tailed Hawk and coin # 4, which has, to date, been a limited edition (due to RCM silver shortages) is the Great Horned Owl.

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